5 Reasons Why You Need to Use End-of-the-Year Dental Benefits

Posted by Dr. Patel on Nov 30 2020, 02:46 AM

It's already in December. Get ready to say goodbye to this year, also this year's dental insurance benefits too. Don't miss this golden opportunity to shift your dental treatment costs onto the insurance providers. 

If you have unused dental benefits and get the most value out of them, make sure you schedule a dental appointment with your nearest dentistry before the end of the year. Why? Let's see in detail.

Yearly Maximum

The yearly maximum is the annual maximum coverage amount the dental insurance providers will pay for your dental treatments for a year. Since this money does not roll over, utilize all of these dental benefits before they expire.

Possibility Cost Increment

It is usually observed that the cost of dental procedures tends to increase at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it is best recommended to visit your dentist and make use of the current dental benefits, other than waiting for the next year to start.


Deductibles are the amount of money that you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance provider pays. So, if you have already met your deductible requirements, schedule an appointment before the January first rolls around; you will be saddled with a brand new deductible. Your deductible also starts again when your plan rolls over.


If you are paying premiums every month for your dental insurances, then go for a routine check-up even if you don't face a dental emergency. This way, you will be able to get the maximum of the money you have to spend on the premium installments.

Worsens the Existing Dental Issues

Usually, it is a common tendency among people to avoid their dental appointments as far as possible. It can be because of dentophobia, lack of time, or even simple ignorance. This may increase the chances for the occurrence of serious dental issues in the future. So, make sure you visit the nearest dentistry as soon as possible.

Are you planning to get the best out of your end of the year dental visits? Call us at 909-628-8109, and our team of experienced dentists at Rakesh Patel DDS will help you further.

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