Long Term Benefits of Implants: Aesthetics, Bone, and Bite

Posted by Dr. Patel on Nov 9 2020, 09:19 AM

Dental Implants have been one of the most reliable options for the replacement of missing teeth. It is known for its high success rate and long-term effectiveness. Implants restore the health and look of the natural tooth lost due to various reasons like poor oral hygiene, improper diets, other diseases, or accidents.

Implants have accomplished a good record of successful long-term outcomes. The treatment and results are more predictable. Implants are permanent solutions for missing tooth replacement. It does not need time-to-time removal and lubrication. It is always in your mouth, fixed like your natural teeth. Implants are not prone to staining, so you need to have restrictions on the kind of food you eat.

There are numerous benefits of Dental Implants, categorizing the benefits under three main heads.


  • The natural shape of the face and smile are preserved as closely as possible.
  • The natural look of dental implants aid in restoring people's self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Implants impart enhanced appearance, comfort, health, and functionality of the teeth.
  • It takes away all the embarrassment to confidently show off your smile.
  • As implants do not slip out of their position, it never interferes in your speech.
  • The permanent fixation prevents any need for timely adjustments and eliminates the fear of the artificial tooth coming out in any situation, as in the case of dentures.
  • Provides significant support in eating, smiling, speaking, and other daily activities.
  • It prevents possibilities of getting cavities or plaques that can compromise the confidence to smile openly.


  • The integrity of the facial structure is preserved by restraining bone deterioration.
  • Supports to hold healthy bone.
  • Prevents worsening of the bone condition due to the empty spaces created by missing tooth or teeth that leads to the jaw bone deterioration.
  • Stimulates bone growth in the mouth.
  • Even for a single missing tooth, it is best to have an implant-supported replacement tooth, especially in the front, where bone defect prevention is crucial or else affects the natural appearance.
  • Nearby teeth are not compromised to replace the missing teeth.
  • Prevents shifting of healthy, adjacent teeth caused due to vacant space in the mouth for an extended period.


  • Provides powerful bite function similar to the natural teeth.
  • Other procedures in comparison tend to withstand low bite pressure, and the probability of getting damaged is higher.
  • It prevents the risk of bone breakdown because of the ability to handle comparatively higher bite pressures.
  • All kinds of food can be eaten.
Implants can gift your smile and self-regard with an opportunity to enjoy all your favorite foods again. These are highly durable and can last for a lifetime if they are taken care well.

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