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Dental technology is on the rise and as a practice that is growing towards meeting the ever rising demands of patient care, we are always ahead in terms of technological advances.

 What is 3D imaging?

Aspects that concern your dental health may be minor but its impact could lead to issues that can affect the quality and function of your mouth. A 3D imaging technology gives an insight to the patient's mouth, teeth and gums. These images allow the patient to create 3D models of the bones and teeth. Having a closer look at the layers of your mouth and teeth allows the patient visualize and understand what we discover.

iCAT 3D Imaging System

iCAT 3D imaging helps correctly diagnose dental conditions and provide treatment that was yield results. Unlike traditional scanning technology, iCAT 3D imaging provides precise and crystal-clear digital images. It also offers a spectrum of treatment possibilities. It has several benefits such as choosing the field of view or scanning area that would best suit the treatment, and limits radiation exposure.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)
The 3D CBCT scanner uses a cone-shaped radiation beam to capture layers of images of the patient's facial structures. The field of view offered by CBCT is triangular than cylindrical and hence it can target to the desired area of interest, all the while offering low radiation. When it comes to placing restorations, it captures realistic images of the soft and bony tissues of the mouth.

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