Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry is a subset of dental therapy that only targets your smile's aesthetic qualities. There are many cosmetic dental solutions, such as teeth whitening, veneers, implants, etc. Are you looking forward to improving your smile with cosmetic dental solutions?

Cosmetic Dental Solutions

Teeth Whitening - Improving the color and appearance of your teeth has been easier than before. Bleaching, often known as teeth whitening, is a cosmetic procedure that can be carried out at home or in the dentist's office. Before considering the system, the dentist would look for signs of decay. If they exist, the dentist will remove/cleanse them. Teeth whitening can either be done at the dentist's office or home.

Veneers -Veneers are very thin porcelain or composite shells used in dentistry. They can be custom-made and bonded to the portion of the enamel that needs restoring. Veneers can treat crooked, discolored, chipped, or broken teeth.

Dental Implants - Implants are Titanium screws designed to embed into the surface of the gums where teeth are missing. They can be surgically implanted and act as tooth roots for your artificial teeth. Crowns, bridges, dentures, and other restorations can all be supported by implants.

Dental Bonding - A cosmetic dentistry procedure called bonding involves applying resin-based material to the tooth. It is a dedicated procedure that helps repair/restore the appearance of badly stained, broken, or chipped teeth.

Crowns -Dental caps are another name for dental crowns. They can be fused with metal and are composed of porcelain or acrylic material. Porcelain crowns are in demand as they closely mimic the color of natural teeth. They can treat poorly shaped, decayed, broken, or chipped teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a range of solutions to transform your smile and boost your confidence. Whether you want to whiten your teeth, enhance their shape, or replace missing teeth, cosmetic dental procedures are tailored to meet your needs.

You may learn more about your options and take the first step towards getting the smile of your dreams by making an appointment for a consultation with a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Rakesh Patel. Don't hesitate to book an appointment online to meet Dr. Rakesh Patel, D.D.S.

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