3D Scanning


As dental technology advances, practices embrace new tools to enhance patient care. One such innovation is 3D scanning, which provides a comprehensive view of the patient's mouth, teeth, and gums.

What is 3D Imaging?

Aspects that concern your dental health may be minor, but their impact could lead to issues that can affect the quality and function of your mouth. A 3D scanning technology gives an insight into the patient's mouth, teeth, and gums. These images allow the patient to create 3D models of the bones and teeth. A closer look at the layers of your mouth and teeth enables the patient to visualize and understand what we discover.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The 3D CBCT scanner uses a cone-shaped radiation beam to capture layers of images of the patient's facial structures. The field of view offered by CBCT is triangular rather than cylindrical, so it can target the desired area of interest while providing low radiation. When it comes to placing restorations, it captures realistic images of the soft and bony tissues of the mouth.

The RAYSCAN CBCT: Unveiling Detailed 3D Imaging

The RAYSCAN α is an advanced 4-in-1 Cone Beam CT system that delivers essential capabilities for comprehensive dental treatment. It seamlessly combines panoramic, cephalometric, 3D CBCT, and 3D CT impression functions, ensuring high-performance imaging. A revolutionary development in dental imaging, the RAYSCAN CBCT gives doctors a thorough understanding of a patient's oral and maxillofacial tissues. Traditional X-rays provide only a limited amount of information, while CBCT creates three-dimensional images that enable accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Here's a closer look at its features and benefits:

High-resolution Imaging: High-resolution images from the RAYSCAN CBCT reveal minute details of the soft tissues, teeth, nerves, and bones. For detecting conditions including impacted teeth, root canal problems, and temporomandibular joint disorders, this level of accuracy is crucial.

Reduced Radiation Exposure: The RAYSCAN CBCT is built to reduce radiation exposure for patients despite its sophisticated imaging capabilities. This guarantees the security and well-being of those having scans.

Surgical Planning: Dental professionals and oral surgeons can plan complicated treatments with unmatched accuracy because to the comprehensive 3D pictures produced by CBCT. Extractions, orthognathic procedures, and implant placements can all be carefully planned, lowering risks and improving results.

Endodontics and Orthodontics: CBCT is essential for precise treatment planning in endodontics and orthodontics. Orthodontic evaluations and root canal treatments have been considerably improved, resulting in more effective procedures.

The Carestream C3600 Intra-oral Scanner: Redefining Impressions

Gone are the days of uncomfortable dental impressions using messy materials. The Carestream C3600 Intra-oral Scanner redefines the patient experience by offering a non-invasive, efficient, and accurate method of capturing intra-oral data.

Benefits  of 3D Imaging in Dentistry

Accurate Diagnoses: 3D imaging provides a comprehensive understanding of oral structures, leading to more precise diagnoses and treatment planning.

Improved Communication: Visualizing conditions and treatment processes using 3D models helps patients better understand their oral health status and make informed decisions.

Minimized Invasive Procedures: Advanced imaging technology reduces the need for invasive procedures, resulting in less patient discomfort and faster recovery times.

Enhanced Planning and Execution: Dental professionals can plan and perform complex procedures with greater accuracy and efficiency, thanks to the detailed information provided by 3D imaging.

By leveraging the advantages of 3D imaging, dentists can deliver higher-quality care, improve patient satisfaction, and achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

3D imaging has completely changed dentistry by giving patients and dental professionals a thorough understanding of oral tissues. The 3D imaging equipment and CBCT technology are now essential resources for precise diagnosis, effective treatment, and positive outcomes. By adopting these developments, dental offices can provide the greatest standard of treatment, assuring the best oral health and satisfaction of their patients.

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