Waterlase Laser Dentistry Class 5

May 18, 2023

Waterlase Laser Density and its application in removing subgingival decay. In this, we explore the step-by-step process using Waterlase laser technology to efficiently and precisely remove decay while maintaining optimal surface smoothness and hardness.

1. Exposing Subgingival Decay:

Start the treatment by carefully removing the covering gingiva with the Waterlase laser. By precisely removing the gum tissue, this method ensures clear access to the subgingival decay. High-density energy from the Waterlase laser enables effective tissue ablation while causing the patient as little discomfort as possible.

2. Developing the Incisal Bevel:

To prolong the life of the restoration, an incisal bevel must be made once the subgingival deterioration is visible. Because of the accuracy of the Waterlase laser, it is possible to carefully remove the damaged tooth structure, creating an ideal form for the next repair.

3. Removing the Decay:

With the incisal bevel developed, proceed to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. The Waterlase laser's advanced technology allows for selective and efficient removal of decayed tissue, minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tooth structure.

4. Surface Smoothness and Hardness Check:

It is essential to assess the surface for smoothness and hardness once the rot has been removed. Assess the prepared tooth surface with dental explorers or other suitable tools. The precise tissue interaction of the Waterlase laser ensures minimal surface roughness, improving the restoration's overall success.

5. Surface Preparation for Bonding:

Use the Waterlase laser to gently sweep the area in order to prepare the tooth surface for bonding. The smear layer and small particles are effectively removed by this sweeping motion, which enhances the bond between the restoration material and the tooth. A clean and optimal surface for bonding can be achieved with the help of the laser's controlled energy density.

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