Waterlase Veneer Removal Animation

May 17, 2023

The capacity of waterlase technology to carry out a variety of treatments in a precise and least intrusive way has revolutionized the practice of dentistry. The removal of veneers is one such technique where Waterlase really excels. Veneers, which are tiny porcelain shells bonded to teeth's front surfaces, can be an excellent way to improve a smile. Veneers occasionally need to be removed or changed for a variety of reasons, though. This is when veneer removal with Waterlase is useful.

In order to remove veneers efficiently and safely, a moderate water spray is used in conjunction with laser energy. Waterlase offers a non-contact and essentially painless alternative to conventional procedures, which call for mechanical force and run the risk of damaging the underlying tooth structure. The ceramic material used to make the veneer absorbs the laser energy that Waterlase emits, weakening the bond between the veneer and the tooth.

Precision is one of the main benefits of Waterlase veneer removal. The risk of harming the underlying tooth structure is reduced thanks to the laser's precise control over the targeted area of the veneer. This fine control also enables a conservative strategy, keeping as much healthy tooth structure throughout the extraction process.

The gentleness of Waterlase veneer removal is another important advantage. In many instances, the cooling effect produced by the combination of laser energy and water spray helps to lessen discomfort and the requirement for anesthesia. Compared to conventional veneer removal techniques, patients frequently report having a more comfortable and calm experience.

Additionally, Waterlase veneer removal is a quick process. Due to the laser's great precision and efficiency, dentists can complete the removal procedure fast, which shortens patients' time in the chair and enables them to resume their normal activities sooner.

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